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How Aces Hangout Got On TechCrunch

By Holden Page

I got on TC face!

If you haven’t heard, getting on TechCrunch is a big deal. A lot of start-ups have written posts on how-to or have shared how their company got on TechCrunch. Recently Aces Hangout, our latest product, has achieved this golden rite of passage and so far it has led to great things.

Since the TechCrunch post, many have asked how I made it happen. Some have requested my help in getting them the almighty TC mention. One even demanded my help (Pro tip: Do not do that. Giant “Faux pas”). Most of these requests I avoided, until now.


Because I don’t have some super secret formula to getting  a mention on TechCrunch.  Nor do I have awesome insider connections who will publish anything I suggest. What I do have is persistence and a strong will to KICK-ASS at what I do. With that in my mind, as you read, here is how I managed to get Aces Hangout on TechCrunch.

1. I Blogged…I Blogged A lot!

I have been blogging steadily for nearly four years.

This dedication to my work has proven to do great things for me. It allowed me to get a job at Hettema&Bergsten, and most importantly, it allowed me to gain the respect of my peers. It’s not rocket science.  I make the effort to communicate with my readers and equals which in turn has allowed me to chat and become friends with a lot of cool people.

I attribute a lot of my successes to my persistence in the blogosphere.

2. I Got a Real Nice Referral

A friend of mine, who has supported me for a long time, was gracious enough to introduce me to a TechCrunch blogger.

Don’t ever doubt the power of a referral prior to pitching a blogger. A referral will never guarantee you a story, but it will give you a good head start against the many start-ups you are competing against for a bloggers time.

If you have one of these connections, do not be afraid to leverage said connection in a genuine manner. It’s ok to ask, but it’s never ok to demand!

3. I Was Relevant

TechCrunch has many writers. While they all cover a broad range of topics, each writer has their preferences on what they would like to cover.

I feel that people who complain about not getting on TechCrunch fail to realize this.

I did my research and specifically pitched this TC blogger because I knew she covered a lot of Google+ products, more than any other writer on TechCrunch. Since Aces Hangout is exclusively based on Google+ it only made sense.

Think of it this way; would you try pitching a Windows exclusive product to MG Siegler?

4. I Was Genuine

I really believe in Aces Hangout. I’m not faking it. Even if I was to be fired from my job, I would still be a supporter of the product.

I feel this genuine belief that Aces Hangout is awesome showed through in my pitch. If you have that same passion for your product, I truly believe it will shine through in your communications with any blogger you’re trying to get coverage from.

5. We Were Cool Enough

Bottom line: IF TechCrunch didn’t want to cover Aces Hangout they wouldn’t have… No matter how awesome I am at my job.

As I said, there is no golden rule to getting on TechCrunch if you’re a start-up. It takes work, dedication, and a product worthy of someones time. Be persistent, make your voice heard, and you will get coverage.

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